Surrealism And Playfulness

This site is dedicated to the herstory of Minna Parikka’s creations. After designing and running her brand for 15 years the designer wanted to jump into totally new adventures and decided to close while the brand was vibrant and successful.

Hop into the wonderful world of Minna Parikka’s shoes from the beginning of the brand since 2006 til the very last collection in 2020. Are you ready for the ride of your life?

The Designer

Get to know the designer herself and explore the colourful journey of the Minna Parikka brand.

Explore Collections

Find inspiration and awe from the hundreds of designs created within the triumphant 15 years.

Iconic Designs

Iconic bunny sneakers, heart heels and many other dreamy designs by Minna Parikka became classics the second they hit the streets.

Brand Ideology

Minna Parikka shoes are known for their impeccable quality and unique designs. 
Brand that is a universe of empowerment that women can build from the ground up.

Flagship Store

During 2009-2020 in the heart of Helsinki you could find the Minna Parikka Flagship store: A centre stage for playful and surreal designs, inviting customers of all walks to fulfill their dreams and feel empowered.

Bunnies With A Cult Reputation

Bunny Sneaks made their first appearance in S/S14 and have since hopped their way to the feet and hearts of fabulous women worldwide. Find out more from the S/S14 collection.