Surrealism And Playfulness

The Helsinki-based Minna Parikka brand was founded in 2005, an adventure in surreal styling, eccentricity and playfulness that prizes quality and attention to detail. Minna’s iconic designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, the Jenners and the Kardashians – just to name a few!

‘All women should stand on their own two feet without anybody telling them how they should look, think or live. Life is too short to be lived in dull shoes.’

Minna Parikka

Brand Story

Ever since she fell into the rabbit hole of shoe design at the tender age of 15, Minna Parikka has been chasing her dreams. At 19, she moved to England to study footwear design and spent the next six years working and gaining inspiration in London, Milan and Barcelona.

Eventually, she got the boot from a shoe brand she was working for and decided she wanted to be in charge of her own life and creative work. In 2005, she returned to her home city of Helsinki and the MINNA PARIKKA brand was born.

‘I had so much to give and say through my shoe designs. I was only 25 years old and my dream was so big – I was ready to do anything to make sure it came true.’

Minna Parikka

Mission Statement

As a designer, Minna Parikka is constantly seeking new ways to thrill and fulfil design lovers on all continents. Her brand is a universe of quality and empowerment that women can build from the ground up.

Iconic designs from a beloved brand are like dreams made real, stories waiting to be told.

Design Icons

Iconic bunny sneakers, lollipop heels and many other dreamy designs by Minna Parikka became classics the second they hit the streets. These fabulous designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, the Jenners and the Kardashians. These icons of fashion have conquered the world, empowering other women to be bold and express themselves.