Minna Parikka shoes are known for their impeccable quality as well as their unique designs. Each pair is carefully crafted and finished off by hand in Spain using high-quality materials.

European Craftsmanship

Minna Parikka partners with family-run shoemakers in the Alicante region, where superb craftsmanship is passed on from one generation to the next. These skilful artisans create magic through years of experience.

To ensure impeccable quality, our production and design teams monitor the complete production process in both Finland and Spain.

The Art of Shoe Design

Each pair of Minna Parikka shoes requires 50 different components, 120 steps and 14 hours of challenging and intricate work to reach perfection. Shoe crafting is an art form of itself, creating possibilities for the wearer to step out in comfort, with confidence and a sense of adventure.

Our Future

It is important to us that our manufacturers work sustainably and ethically. We want to create products that will bring you joy for a long time, while having the lowest possible impact on the environment. Our partnerships are loyal and honest, supported by certificates of production and quality.

The designer and production team are constantly looking for new materials that combine signature Minna Parikka style with quality and sustainability.

Minna Parikka’s first vegan collection has been launched in the spring 2020. 


Great design doesn’t age: Materials designed for comfort and durability are the foundation of Minna Parikka shoes. When taken care of properly, high quality leather moulds to form and stays beautiful over time. Prolonging the life of a quality product is an effective way of reducing its carbon footprint.

After years of experimenting and learning, we are continuously finding new ways to become more innovative and sustainable. It is extremely important to us that our raw materials are sourced as by-products of food production.