The Minna Parikka Flagship Store is a hub of playful and surreal design, empowering women by offering a premium experience - a magical space where fantasy meets fashion.


Aleksanterinkatu 36, 00100 Helsinki

+358 966 7554

Opening hours:

The store is closed from the 27th of March until further notice. 

In Helsinki

It’s impossible to pass by the windows of the Minna Parikka Flagship Store without smiling. Located at Aleksanterinkatu 36, it’s renowned for its playful and stunning window displays. If you’re around, come and enjoy the latest extravaganza!

The store is over 80 square metres of accessory lover’s wonderland, a sumptuous confection of wood, marble, leather and vivid colours – you’ll even find a mirrored kissing booth!

What’s more, the Minna Parikka Flagship Store offers the widest selection of Minna Parikka treasures in the world.

Book An Appointment

Are you in need of a little pampering? Book an appointment to discover new styles or rediscover Minna Parikka favourites. Parties of 1-4 people will have the full attention of a sales assistant assigned to help you find the perfect pair of shoes.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or celebrating a birthday or graduation, we want to help make your big day special. You can even send us a photo of your outfit to help us find the perfect match.

Love & Care – Shoe Care Service

Just like you and me, our shoes need tender loving care. The professional staff at Minna Parikka will offer you tips on how to keep your shoes in excellent shape. We want to help your favourite shoes live a long and eventful life.

It’s easy to care for your shoes at home or you can drop them in at the Minna Parikka Flagship Store in Helsinki – Aleksanterinkatu 36. Whether renewing the sole, repairing the heel or any other fix, we will do our best to restore your shoes’ beauty and function.

Our care service means you can enjoy your shoes for years to come. You can also read our tips for shoe care.