minna parikka designs for lady gaga

Minna Parikka

Lady Gaga has been awarded a double platinum for her album “The Fame Monster” yesterday, Thu 14th Oct in Helsinki, Finland.

The double platinum award was designed by a Finnish fashion designer Minna Parikka.

The award was very different from the usual: a pair of high heeled platinum pumps with platinum bars as platform soles. For Gaga’s record company Universal it was obvious that the trophy cannot be anything else than extraordinary.

“The shoes are from my own collection, painted in platinum colour. I had only three days notice but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Gaga!” Parikka laughs.

In addition Gaga received a unique pair of leather and rope sandals designed by Parikka, made in collaboration with rope artist Tinttu Henttonen. These shoes take over the whole body and are made from leather and 40 meters of rope using japanese bondage method. They reach all the way from the toe to the neck. The look is finalized by a leather mask crafted out of Parikka’s shoes.